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Sustainability at True


“To become the only true convergence play, fulfilling people’s lives through innovative convergence platforms and devices so people and businesses can share values and togetherness which are the true values of life.”

True’s sustainability vision is based on the Company’s vision which is to become the leading digital infrastructure that fully connects people, organizations, economies, and societies together to create sustainable value for life. True believes that by making communications more accessible through an extensive telecommunications infrastructure and innovative services, individuals, communities, and societies, can connect with one another. And in doing so, they are able to share not only information but also humanitarian and cultural values, whereby strengthening the sense of togetherness in uniting to promote a better world.


“Creative communications technologies and innovations that cultivate togetherness and empower sustainability.”

As Thailand’s only fully-integrated communications provider and leader in convergence, True harnesses the power of its telecommunications technologies and innovations to help bring about sustainability development. The principle of True’s sustainable strategy is based on the Company’s core values (Caring, Credible, Creative, and Courageous). True believes that sustainability must first come from within the organization and its people. The Company has therefore embedded the sustainability element into its organizational culture to serve as framework for its sustainability and CSR initiatives.

Sustainability Core Values:

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