Message from Chairman

In 2016, the overall global and Thai economy will tend to show a slight improvement from the previous year, while telecommunications businesses around the world will enjoy a similar upward momentum. The market demand in Thailand will start to grow significantly and this will be an opportune time for True Corporation to accelerate growth, strengthen its business operations and contribute greater value for Thailand, leading to a telecommunications infrastructure that is second to none in the region, and in line with the country’s strategy to drive Thailand into becoming the regional hub of AEC.
Last year, True Group managed to achieve outstanding growth in its operating results, bolstered by its dedication to network expansion, technology and service development, systematic financial administration and overall productivity improvement. All our efforts materialized into stronger business fundamentals and satisfactory earnings. I strongly believe that True is on the right track to become the leader in Thailand’s telecommunications industry with the recent auction victories in acquiring 1800 MHz and 900 MHz frequencies, which will provide an opportunity for us to maximize our potential in developing the largest countrywide network and lay solid ground for True to efficiently operate its integrated telecommunications businesses.
The year 2016 is considered another important year for True Group whose determination is to establish its leadership in the mobile business with the best network quality and service excellence, as well as maintaining the top position in the broadband and pay TV markets. True Group is the first and only telecommunications company to implement a unique and superior business convergence strategy, which can deliver the utmost value addition to customers. We are determined to develop innovative technologies, products and services, which are able to support the constant changes in the important and influential digital age. All our businesses are ready in all dimensions to grow and create stable returns in the long run.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to take this occasion to express our gratitude to our shareholders for their trust in the Company’s operations and all our stakeholders for their great support throughout. I believe True Group will be able to further create value and benefits for the country, our shareholders, and our customers in a sustainable manner.